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We are able to help many people with forebears from Thorney and its parish through providing some of the research which our late Curator, Jim Gregory, put together in a large series of family trees. The list of names covered by these is given below, but we also have other records as well - if the name you are interested in doesn't appear in this list, it's still worth asking.

Please contact us prior to visiting the museum for family history enquires, so we can provide you the best possible service. We can prepare documents for you in advance of your visit. During museum opening hours, family history experts may be unavailable and stewards may be unable to help immediately.

Contact our family history person by email or write to Thorney Museum, The Tankyard, Station Road, Thorney, PE6 0QE. Please give as much information as you can in your request for a search of these records.

When we send information out to you, we hope for a donation towards our costs and to support the Museum. This should typically be £6 to £10. Cheques should be payable to The Thorney Society.

Research has been done on the family names above. The date refers to the first date in the records which have been collated: