Under this heading we must look at the last 100 years, because this has led us where
we are today.

As Local Government took over the administration of this country from mid 19th Century, it created a system of Parish, District and County Councils. Money had to be raised from somewhere, and so a local rating system was put in to place. A Rateable Value was put on all properties and monies levied against that value. The Earls of Bedford were not raising enough money in rents to absorb this levy. They decided to sell the estate to, in the main, sitting tenants.

The records of this sale could be considered as a listing of residents of the parish in 1910.

Since the sale of the estate, the village has remained important for the range of cottages within it, and has also developed a range of trades and activities which are not all related to its farming past.

A project is underway to record the history of Thorney, and current life in a Fenland village, which will be published under the New Opportunities Fund "Sense of Place" programme on a CD for schools and on a website.

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