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A range of products are available from the Thorney Society, including: Books, Gifts and Souvenirs. Our products are sold at events and exhibitions and at The Thorney Heritage Museum.


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Here are our latest items:


Thorney in focus (In memory of John Rook)


  • 240 glorious pages full of fantastic colour photographs and packed with historical facts and stories of an historic village in the Fens.

  • The publication reveals details and angles which in everyday life are often overlooked, even though they are sometimes fleetingly caught in the human lens. In doing this the creators hope to stimulate and excite you and invite you to take a second look.

  • Features a foreword by His Grace Andrew Ian Henry Russell, 15th Duke of Bedford.

  • An introduction followed by thirteen chapters from The Abbey & its surroundings to Mysteries, curiosities & riddles and Farm, Fen & the landscape to Workshops & Craftsmanship.

  • Hundreds of full colour photographs (too many to count!).

  • Price £22 from the museum or Thorney Society Events or £25 including P&P


CROMWELL'S SETTLERS, 17th Century Thorney


  • The hidden story of the Calvinists (often called Huguenots) who came from overseas to settle on drained lands on the Great Fen Levels in the 17th century

  • Invited by Francis, Earl of Bedford and Cromwell, about 500 French or Flemish speaking foreigners came to live in Thorney village in East Anglia in the late 1600s. They became respected members of the community, their skills enabling the newly drained land to become the farms that are here today.

  • Easy to read, well researched. A valuable background resource for anyone interested in Settler connections, social history or examples of family history

  • Many illustrations, colour and black and white photography including images from the community pageants of 1990
    and 1992.


  • Price £4.95 from the museum or Thorney Society Events or £5.95 including P&P
























































































































Military Grave Stones in Thorney Abbey


  • A family history resource detailing military grave stones of Thorney Abbey and where soldiers are buried abroad.

  • by the Thorney Society

  • Price £4.50 + P&P

Victorian Thorney


  • The remodelling of the Duke of Bedford's fenland village

  • by Alan Teulon

  • Price £4.95 + P&P

The Abbey Church of St Mary the Virgin and St Botolph, Thorney Abbey


  • Insight into the detail and history of Thorney Abbey Church

  • Price £3.00 + P&P

Thorney Abbey: A brief History


  • Interesting features and history of the church and former abbey reviled and explained.

  • by Dorothy Husband

  • Price £1.50 + P&P at £0.75

                                               Victorian Gravestones

  • A family history resource detailing grave stones of Thorney Abbey

  • by the Thorney Society

  • Price £4.50 + P&P

The life and work of Samuel Sanders Teulon


  • Architect who planned the Victorian Model Village of Thorney for the Duke of Bedford's Estate

  • by Alan Edward Teulon

  • Price £8.00 + P&P

Companion to Owls


  • A thoughtful and authentic novel telling of a Hugenot family living in the Fens in the 17th century.
    Tessa West portrays the warmth and the harshness of life in a small community whose existence
    is defined by the task of draining flooded lands and the desire to live good lives.

  • by Tessa West

  • More information available at

  • Price £7.99 + P&P at £2.40


Fenland Families


  • An insight into the people who inhabit this enigmatic part of England, focusing on non farming businesses, trades and professions who serviced the farmers and Fenland communities. Here welearn what is unique and special about the Fenland trading families
    and the businesses they ran.

  • All featured businesses have been family run for three generations or more.

  • by Rex Sly

  • More information available at

  • Price £13.99 (RRP £14.99) + P&P at £2.40

From Punt to Plough


  • Covers fen drainage from the Roman period to modern times. Includes the role and impact of religion on the area and the efforts
    of early adventurers who risked their capital to drain and own a piece of virgin soil and changed it forever.

  • by Rex Sly

  • More information available at

  • Price £13.99 (RRP £14.99) + P&P at £2.40

Soil in Their Souls – A History of Fenland Farming


  • The changes and development of this fascinating region, from land reclamation, small-holdings and horses to aerial spraying
    and multi-national workforces. Land ownership since the 17th century has changed probably more than in any other part of the UK, driven by adventurers, speculators, investors, County councils and the fortunes of farming.

  • More information available at

  • Price £13.99 (RRP £14.99) + P&P at £2.40

Peterborough and its villages in detail


  • Launched 28th November 2012

  • This richly illustrated book has been produced jointly by Peterborough Civic Society and Peterborough Photographic Society.
    It does include some Thorney details, but those who have lived around the area for many years are sure to find it fascinating in general.

  • Over 200 pages.

  • More information available at

  • Price £18.00 + P&P at £TBA

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