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Inside the book

Burgundy book cover

We were tipped off by Peterborough Civic Society that this large and expensive volume was now reduced in price, so we have added it to the records of the Thorney Heritage Museum. It is available from the Oxbow Book company at £19.95 plus p&p.

The book is made up of a complex range of records, based on the Gospels, which arrived in Thorney in the 10th century, probably from Brittany, perhaps as part of St Aethelwold's refoundation of the Abbey. It was then used (starting from some time between 1099 and 1113) to record the names of donors to the community several decades. There are several technical chapters which the Curator is attempting to get to grips with. As one of only three Libri Vitae (Books of Lives) from English medieval monasteries to survive this is an important source of records of rich families, of both Norman and English origins.

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