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A Life Sentence in Thorney Abbey, starting 1459

Reginald Pecock had been Bishop of Chichester, but was found guilty of heresy, going against the teachings of the Catholic Church. He was sent to the Abbey of Thorney, by then apparently an out of the way place, and seems to have died here in approximately 1658.

In 2018, an Associate Professor from Pepperdine University, Malibu, USA visited Thorney to learn more about the Fenland Abbeys. She has published her translation of Pecock's last book after she returned to the USA, and now sent a copy to Thorney Museum.

We were delighted to host Jennifer, including a delicious lunch at Amanda McClelland's cafe, and it would be good to meet up again!

The book is available on Hive, Amazon and via other retailers.

Reginald Pecock: The Book of Faith, a modern English translation by J.A.T. Smith


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