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The Honourable Doctor

Last week, Thorney Museum was represented at the book launch for The Honourable Doctor, a novel based on the true story of an early nineteenth century doctor who undertook part of his training in Thorney.

Professor Sir Nick Black (seen in the illustration) contacted the Museum in early 2020 and visited with his wife Pippa to see the Abbey and the house where the doctor, James Lambert, worked. He was interested to know more of the village and its surroundings - and Lambert was here before the major Victorian rebuilding of the cottages, or the addition of the east end of the Abbey church, so that took a bit of imagination!

The book has now been published, and it is an engaging read. Much of the action takes place in London, but Lambert's time in Thorney and his marriage to a local farmer's daughter evoke happy times in the Fens. It is available from, Amazon and other sites, both as an ebook and in print.

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