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Annual Report time, 1840

The Thorney Museum has recently gained access to a copy of a manuscript from over 180 years ago. As Curator, I have transcribed this to give us access to information in the handwritten document.(Bedford Archives, R34/4136/3)

At the end of January 1840, the Agent of the Thorney Estate reported back to the Duke of Bedford about his work in this area. Importantly, some of the major houses in Thorney had been greatly refurbished - including the home of Mr Clapham (the doctor) on The Green , The Parsonage (now Cheriton House), The Gores Farm and Toneham House.

In this report, Tycho Wing (who Eloise Morgan researched last year as part of our Fenland Changemakers project) notes that before beginning work for the Duke on rebuilding cottages and shops in the Town a plan needs to be made and discussed. By January 1850, such plans have been made in detail, and a need to spend £2000 a year for the next couple of years is detailed. This is when the rebuilding of our cottages on Wisbech Road start to be done, and the huge investment of Francis Russell 7th Duke of Bedford, who died in 1861, begins in earnest.

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