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Last weekend there were to have been many events celebrating the unique environment and history of the Fens. The situation with the Coronavirus means that this first occasion of its type has been put off until next year.

Meanwhile, if you use Twitter, there are many interesting posts using the #CelebrateTheFens tag, in many cases noting the Summer Solstice as well.

On Facebook, Fascinating Fens hosted many posts. Next year we look forward to joining in, having a walk around the Avenue to Toneham in conjunction with the Fen Edge Trails Project of Cambridgeshire Geological Society. Work has been going on developing a walk on which you can guide yourself, and also learn about the geology and history of our former island.

Meanwhile, Francis Pryor published the hardback of this book last year., and it was read as a Radio 4 Book of the Week.

The subtitle of "discovering England's greatest depths" shows how this noted archaeologist approaches the area covering ancient and modern history, with sobering comments on the future for this landscape, and I believe everyone will learn something new from it. There is now a paperback, and it's reduced to £8.95 on at the moment. [ISBN 9781788547093]

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