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The dog's train ticket

This is one of the smaller things we have in the Museum. It is a ticket for a dog, in 1957, which was travelling from Thorney to Wryde at a cost of 2 old pennies. (1p) It includes an advertisement for Spratt's dog foods. [THOHC 2007.001 is the accession number in our catalogue]

This was donated in 2004 by Alan Teulon. Although not directly descended from Samuel Sanders Teulon, the main architect of Victorian Thorney, Alan became interested in Thorney through the family history connection and then became a member of the Thorney Society, contributor to the Museum, and friend of many of those involved in local history here.

Alan wrote a couple of small books about Thorney. One was about Joshua Cautley, a vicar of Thorney, and another about the Victorian rebuilding of the village. If you happen to have a "Victorian Thorney" book spare, the Society would be pleased to have it back to resell it to people just finding out about our history, as it is no longer in print!

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