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Volunteering at Thorney Museum

If you are interested in the village and in our local heritage, the Thorney Society would be interested to hear from you.

At the moment we are getting ready to complete our new displays about "Thorney at War". If you have served in the armed services, your memories and photographs would be welcome as part of our timeline. We will then move on to display the history of the Victorian estate of Thorney, and the agricultural history of the area.

Your help in researching for displays would be welcomed. There are many other roles which we can resume when people who do not live together are allowed to meet. As an example, this is John Clark, who has photographed and scanned many items for the Museum to help us to know what we have and to share information on the Web. Thank you John.

When we reopen there will be a need for stewards. We don't yet have the guidance for Museums to reopen, but this might involve timed appointments. Please email on if you are interested in this.

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